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Hello! I recently and unexpectedly acquired this glorious creature from a friend of a friend in Colorado. I was told that she is “pure Timber Wolf” “DNA tested” etc etc all things you’ve heard before. Was also told she was stolen as a pup from the Denver Wolf Preserve (which does not exist, to my knowledge). Agreed to take the animal sight unseen, as she was living in an apartment and really needed more space than that, regardless of her  heritage. She’s 7 months old and about 70lbs. I do think I can see some GSD and/or racing-type Alaskan husky in her, but was wondering what you thought, as I don’t know much about wolfdogs. Thank you!

Thank you for the submission! This is a stunning dog!

Well, she is most definitely not a DNA tested pure “timber wolf”. I don’t really see any wolf content in this image alone but I’d love to see more to see if there are any and just to see more of this pretty thing <3

I see a GSD/husky mix. She has large and pointed thin ears, a defined facial mask and body markings, short/average length legs and muzzle, and she doesn’t appear to have any kind of “cape”. So, from this image alone, I’m going to say this is probably not a wolfdog.

I’m glad she’s in a bigger home now though!

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    Shes more than likely a Czechoslovakian wolf dog.
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    It looks like a Tamaskan Dog to me, not a GSD.
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    Being a Colorado resident, I can verify that there is no “Denver Wolf Preserve” here. While we do have 2 or 3 wolf...
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    I had a stray puppy who looked similar to her awhile back, and if you check some shelters you’ll see a lot of...
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    I’d consider saarloos wolfhound, markings and coloring is quite close, or possibly even a tamaskan mix. Lovely lovely...
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